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The “No Excuses” Just Move It Workout

Can you believe we are already over half way through March? Spring has officially sprung and that means summertime is right around the corner. Are you ready for shorts, tanks, swimsuits, and fun?

Here are some fitness ideas to get in shape, tone up, and feel good this summer!

Ab-tastic Circuit


Do this each morning for a flat belly and work on that 6-pack!

Booty Burnin’ Circuit


Do this one day a week for toning your booty!

Butt & Gut Cardio Circuit


Multitask one day a week with this circuit that incorporates ab & butt shaping exercises along with cardio bursts. 

Super Sweaty Lean & Mean Supersets


Who wouldn’t want lean dancer legs, rock hard abs, and toned arms? Try doing this once a week!

Work That Body


I can’t say it enough, arms, legs, and abs…we all want them toned for when we change out our sweaters for tank tops and pants for shorts! Try doing this once per week!


If you can’t do those circuits every week, alternate weeks with each circuit and continue on with your regular workout schedule. Small changes can make a big difference!

Tight on time? Do these throughout the day and you will see results in no time!


In no time you’ll be slimmin’ for a sizzlin’ summer!


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