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5 Mile Hill Work

Well, Friday is turning out to be quite nice already! We got hit with some pretty heavy rain last night, but now the warm winds are blowing through so it’s already in the 50’s this morning! You know that makes me happy!


On top of nice weather happening around these corners, I started my morning nice and sweaty! I woke up more than ready to run. After¬†Tuesday, I just couldn’t wait to get back on the treadmill. I ran a quick 5 miles focusing on hills today.



I ended with a 5 minute cool down walk at a 4.2 pace.
Boy I was quite the sweaty Betty!

Hills are great to incorporate into your training program because they strengthen your legs, which will help increase speed. Plus, we all know that not ever race is flat!

Note: if you do this workout, work up to a speed that is comfortable to you. To give you a reference, 6.7 is a jog, 7.4 is a comfortable run, and 8.2 is a sprint for me.


I brought back and oldie but a goodie for the first meal of the day!


The always delicious protein pancake!


Topped with a sliced banana and a little mixture of almond and peanut butter.


A fabulous start to Friday!

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