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Overcoming Struggles

Earlier today I mentioned that the first half of my run was a struggle and I decided to run it out. I asked on Twitter what other people do when they aren’t having their best run. A lot of people agreed and said they run it out. Here are a few responses:

  • Kristina said she typically runs it out, but if she’s at the gym she’ll stop and do something else to stay warmed up and then go back to the run
  • Christina said she runs it out with motivational talk to keep going
  • Lisa said she stops the run to stretch and then will start back
  • Jordan said he will keep going, but tries to keep his mind off of the actual run by using music or watching TV

I loved these ideas and thought they were worth sharing! Hopefully they can help you out, too!


Soooo ya know how I kind of went a little crazy about sweet potatoes yesterday? Well, I couldn’t get the idea of soup served on a baked sweet potato so I decided it would make the perfect lunch.


I topped it off with a couple dollops of plain Greek yogurt, which was an excellent creamy, protein punch to the meal!


I also had some salad that I prepared on Sunday to go along with my sweet potato craving. And best of all? Everything was just as delicious as I had imagined! :)


Since Matt and I hadn’t had pasta in awhile, something about those carbs were calling to us. While we went grocery shopping we picked up some artichoke hearts and roasted red peppers so It was simple to make lightened up hamburger helper!


I topped mine with some freshly cracked black pepper for a little extra bite.


This bowl of pasta was so good! 


Question Of The Evening

What do you do when you find yourself struggling with a workout?

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