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Relaxing Saturday

Good morning and happy Saturday!

What are your plans for this weekend?

We’re taking it easy over here this weekend. I do have my basketball game a bit later today, but other than that just some errands and preparations for the upcoming week. Pretty relaxing Saturday!


I kicked off my Saturday morning with an 8 mile run around downtown Nashville. The birds were chirping, music was playing, the sun was out earlier than normal…it felt like Spring.

Except for the minor detail that it was only 25 degrees out!


I put on my layers and successfully felt like a marshmallow before heading out the door. Before I start running I always hate the cold, but by the end of the run it’s never that bad. It just takes me a bit to get over it! :)


I had some requests to show how I make my dunkin’ eggs so in my head all I could think about was a dunkin’ egg on this morning’s run!


I decided to go with scrambled eggs with a twist so I went ahead and scrambled 4 egg whites with zucchini, yellow squash, tomatoes, and edamame while I prepared my camera and my egg for some step-by-step directions!


I also toasted up an English muffin and topped it with The Laughing Cow Swiss cheese.


Mmm runny gooeyness! :)

I’m going to work on getting those typed up and looking good for you, so be on the look out for it this weekend!

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