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Quote Happy

Hey, friends! How is your Friday going?

I have been in such a good mood today! Want to know why?? :)


Wellllll….for pharmacy school, you have 3 years of classes and then your final year of school is actually spent out in practice where you change rotation sites each month.


We put in our preferences, but there’s certainly no guarantee that you will get your top choices. We call it “rotation roulette” because it’s all just the luck of the draw!


So today we received our schedule for next year! I got the majority of my top picks and it just makes it feel like everything is coming together! I mean…am I really that close to accomplishing my goal?? 
Whoa. [source]

Excuse me for getting a bit quote happy. I just love quotes, they are so motivational and can turn my day around! They definitely bring a smile to my face!


I have seriously been digging salads lately! I don’t know what it is…maybe the warmer weather we’ve had recently? Either way, I definitely won’t fight this craving!

In my salad:

Grape Tomatoes
Red, Orange, and Yellow Mini Bell Peppers


Oh man. This may not look the prettiest, but let me tell you…this wrap was amazing!

Flatout Flatbread
The Laughing Cow Creamy Swiss
Pinto Beans
Great Northern Beans


Odd combination? Yes. Delicious? You betchya!


One thing that you might notice on the blog is a little different eating habits. Since we’re into Lent, typically I try to not eat meat on Fridays. For me, this does not include fish…so for dinner I decided to go with tilapia. 


I also roasted broccoli and cauliflower and had some “homemade garlic bread” on the side.
(Yes, the same thing we did last night: whole wheat toast, Smart Balance butter, and garlic powder…hey, who said it had to be fancy?)


I cooked the tilapia my no fail method and topped my two filets with my favorite balsamic vinegar, which added great flavor.


I think my favorite part was actually the cauliflower tonight! I roasted the veggies with some ginger and curry, which was oddly really delicious!

Well I’m off to celebrate a bit! Hope you have a wonderful Friday night!

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