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Skinny Girl “Fried Rice”

It may be Fat Tuesday, but that’s no reason to go crazy! Typically for Lent I give up chocolate, or sweets all together. I would spend Fat Tuesday inhaling all that I could before my 40 days started. But is that really a reason to give up what you’re working for? Not in my book. So today, I decided to make #StayFitFatTuesday.


This morning I did 6 miles on the treadmill in 47 minutes. 47 minutes!? I could not believe it! On my training program was only 5 miles, but I seemed to have got lost in my own thoughts and was clearly enjoying my run so 6 miles it was!


Yes. I am a dork. And darn proud of it!

Then I refueled with a delicious vanilla almond protein smoothie! I will post the recipe with better pictures for it later because it was serrrriously good!



Breakfast was the always amazing mixed berry French toast oatmeal. I just can’t get enough!


And guess who purchased fresh fruit for this baby too? Oh yes. I am excited!


Now I’ve made my Flatout flatbread pizzas for dinner, and I’ve even enjoyed them for breakfast. So why, oh why did I wait so long to have a lunchtime pizza?


I made my lunchtime pizza with The Laughing Cow mozzarella, sun-dried tomato, and basil cheese and topped it with spinach, yellow squash, deli turkey, and tomatoes.


I also made a couple turkey roll ups on the side with spinach.


To make the flatbread, I sprayed it with nonstick cooking spray and stuck it in the oven at 350 degrees for 7 minutes before adding my toppings and placing it back in the oven for 2 more minutes.


Absolutely delicious.


We’ll call this skinny girl “fried rice”.


I roasted some carrots with zucchini while I broiled a couple filets of tilapia. You could also use any meat of choice, soy product, or lentils and this would be great! While the veggies and fish were in the oven, I sautéed spinach with edamame.


When it came time to put everything together, I tossed in cooked quinoa, liquid egg whites, and all of the veggies. 
Lastly I added in the fish and seasoned everything with black pepper, paprika, cajun seasonings, and a little crushed red pepper. It was definitely a good meal full of protein and vegetables!


Today was fullll of good eats! That makes my stomach and me quite the happy little lady!

And just in case you are wondering, I’ve decided to give up Starbucks for Lent. I spend wayyyy too much money on coffee there! 

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