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Spaghetti Squash Primavera

I enjoyed my meatless Monday challenge so much last week, I decided to make it a mini goal to have another day dedicated to alternative protein sources and of course my beloved veggies!

Speaking of the Healthy sELF challenge, today’s focus was to do a workout that targeted your legs so I hit up my Squat It Out workout! Man do my thighs feel it!

push ups square Announcing: The No Girly Push Ups Challenge!

And in terms of my #nogirlypushups challenge this week, I started at 20 pushups and am up to 30 pushups a day. It’s been a challenge to keep form while trying to increase the reps, but I know form is key! So this past week I went back and forth on some days doing more than 20 pushups, and some days it was less. It’s all about repetition so that you can progress!


When lunch rolled around, I was still digging the eggs from this morning and for some reason was really wanting a dunkin’ egg.


I ended up grilling a Quorn turk’y burger and sautéed some mushrooms with spinach. I mixed them with The Laughing Cow Swiss cheese in a La Tortilla Factory small tortilla. On the side I had a bowl of strawberry Greek yogurt and Fiber One cereal.


I also had a dunkin’ egg that I used the excess mushrooms for dippin’. 


Man I love that runny yolk “sauce”!


Tonight I decided to make a pasta primavera of sorts, except I swapped the pasta for my beloved spaghetti squash!


I sautéed mushrooms, asparagus, grape tomatoes, and edamame in olive oil before tossing in the spaghetti squash. I added some black pepper and smoked paprika before demolishing this bowl!


I wasn’t sure how I would like the spaghetti squash since it wasn’t drowned in marinara sauce or in a butter herb sauce, but low and behold: it was fabulous!

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