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Power Breakfast


Please tell me you are just as excited to see this day as I am. Oh man, I thought this day would never come. Did this week drag for anybody else, or is that just me?


Man, I’ll tell you what. One of the best things is feeling improvements. I guess speed work has been paying off because on Wednesday when I ran 6 miles, a 6.7 speed was just kind of feeling a little slow. So I picked up the pace to a 7.1 speed.

Keeping that in mind, today was a 7 mile tempo run. So I started the first mile at 7.0 speed and ran the next 5 at 7.4 speed and finished the last mile at a 7.1 speed to cool down. I was definitely sweaty by the end of it!

September challenges:

95 squats, 24 pushups, 3:55 plank (Tomorrow….I will break 4 minutes! Woo!)


If you follow me on twitter, you know I posted this link via Cooking Light with some awesome post workout meal ideas. One of their suggestions was this egg sandwich for a power breakfast. I took this idea and ran with it.

Can you see the steam coming off this beauty??

I first sautéed some onion, green bell pepper, tomato slices, and spinach. Then I added it to one whole egg + 3 egg whites.

I toasted a Thomas’ multigrain English muffin and smeared each side with The Laughing Cow garlic and herb cheese. Then I sliced my omelet up so it would fit on my sandwich.

A post-run omwhich? Holy deliciousness, batman!

What a great post workout meal! There’s something about eggs after a good run that just makes my heart happy. Bonus: by using both the yolk and white of the egg, you boost the amount of protein, without going crazy with calories, cholesterol, or fat!

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